2018 Year in Review

*Posting this for specifically for attendees of my workshop on Salary Negotiations at Write Speak Code. If you need help writing something similar for a raise talk or a performance review, feel free to reach out! Similarly, if you want to see feedback I’ve gotten on my areas of growth in the past year and the places where I need to grow, please send me a message and I’ll send it to you*

Team 1:
-Developer and part-time solution owner on a cross-platform mobile application
-Helped team get up to 90% testing code coverage
-Successful release to the App Store for iOS and Android before schedule
-UI tweaks for marketing
-Make app work optimally for iOS devices like SE and X and tighten up portrait and landscape availability
-Ensure backwards compatibility to older operating system versions
-Top 15 ag apps and one of the top IT projects of the year for the client

Team 2:
-As solution owner, organized a team of 4 new consultants to deliver an MVP for a platform in Salesforce

-Supplemental solution owner on the Pulse project which gets anonymous feedback and a rating from every employee in the Slalom office
-Mentored junior devs in agile practices for a team
-Helped organize Pulse project to a successful MVP release

-SAFE scrum master
-Agile alliance scrum master

Internal Culture:
-Organized TE all-hands
-Helped organize SO all-hands
-Baby shower committee (over 20 people celebrated!)
-Various celebrations for people (going away parties, graduations, etc.)
-Feedback presentation at Open Mic
-Diversity and Inclusion committee
-Organized TE picnic
-Freestyle Award
-Courage Under Fire Award (team award)
-Encouraged over 20 people to do their first public speaking engagement
-At least 6 Slalom referrals
-Regular meetings with junior devs to help them with their career progression

-Invited to perform keynote at the end of Agile Midwest
-Why Your Developers Hate Agile at Agile Midwest
-Salary Negotiations at the Google Community Leaders Conference
-Functional Magic in Swift at SwiftFest in Boston
-Cupcake in a Doughnut World: Understanding and Combating Bias at Slalom City Limits, Pixel Pop, Riot Games
-Introduction to Testing (with Mark Katerberg) at Slalom for 30-40 people

Events thrown:
-Holiday party in 2017 – 60 people
-International Women’s Day – 70+ people
-Google I/O Extended – 50 people
-Google Next Extended – 40 people
-Flutter Study Jam – 40 people
-Machine Learning Study Jam series – 60 people
-Kubernetes Study Jam – 30 people
-Holiday Party for 2018 – 50 people
-WTM Imposter Syndrome talk – 50 people
-WTM Changing Careers – 60 people
-WTM Mental Health talk – 30 people
-DevFest (January 2019) – 120+ tickets sold so far

Goals Completed:
-Run a conference
-Have an invited keynote talk
-Learned react native

Goals in progress:
-Get a talk accepted at the big agile conference
-Successfully lead a team and deliver our current project before the baby
-Apply for SO certification

Areas of growth in the past year (summarized from feedback from team members and clients):
-Solution Ownership
-Creating a safe and inclusive environment for a team
-React native
-Strong client relationships

Other Areas of Potential Growth (summarized from feedback from team members and clients):
-Standing ground/holding people to higher standards
-Be more direct with feedback
-Rescue less/need to let other people fail at things so they can learn from real experience

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