Recent crazy decisions

I was watching How I Met Your Mother and Barney said, “When I’m sad, I quit being sad and be awesome instead.”  Seemed like good enough advice for me.  It started a chain of slightly insane decisions.

Quitting Coke.  Let’s see how long that lasts.  I slipped up a bit when on vacation in O’Fallon, but ever since coming back, I’ve been on the straight and narrow.  It’s hard going from being a Coke-aholic to drinking more water and sometimes honey lemon ginger tea.  I’m thinking I’ll reach a point where a happy compromise is that I only have 2-3 cans/week.

Eating healthier.  I figured out that I like lettuce, I like cheese, and I like croutons.  I do not like apple slices or ranch dressing or some fancy vinaigrette.  Apparently, I like simple salads.  Okay, I won’t lie, I do enjoy bacon on pretty much anything.  Let’s add that to the list.  Other than salads, I put all the cookies away.  I’m not going to lie, they still exist in my kitchen and I’m fully aware of that.  But hey!  There are still cookies in my kitchen!  That means I haven’t eaten them all and don’t have to go to the store when a craving hits.

Exercise.  Don’t laugh too hard, I’m not doing anything too crazy.  There’s the usual jumping jacks and lame attempts at situps and pushups.  I have a pull up bar all set up and ready.  Every time I pass it, I attempt to pull myself up and end up awkwardly hanging.  I figured that if I keep trying every time I pass it, I’ll eventually be able to do it.  Instead, I found myself testing myself on how much I really needed to go down the hallway and pass that pull up bar.  I’m a bum.  But!  I know that if I had a treadmill/elliptical/exercise bike, I’d reliably do that while watching tv.  Now I just need to go out and get one.  And by go out and get one, I really mean order one off of Amazon so that it comes straight to my door.

Reading. A book chapter or a comic book every night.  I’ve been doing that for a while up until around finals week.  Time to get back into the habit!  Admittedly, I woke up at 6AM with my face awkwardly smushed in a book because I fell asleep in the book.  It’s cool, no damage to the book.

Writing. Seeing as I now have a blog, I think I’m good on this front.  I’d like to set myself up to start writing research-related stuff for at least an hour every week.  Other than that, I filled an entire journal in less than a month, so maybe I should learn to be concise.  Or have a less-eventful life. Probably both.

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