Resetting the reading list

My bedside table had over two dozen books and three dozen comics on it.  There are probably over 100 more unread books throughout the apartment.  10-year-old me would have never dreamed for that to be my life as an adult.

Unfortunately, I’ve gotten into this rut where I feel overwhelmed at picking the next book to read.  Some of the books are for work and I feel like they need to be the priority for professional development reasons.  However, I don’t always want to read about work stuff when I want to relax at home.  Some of the other books are borrowed from friends.  I feel like they need my attention so I can return the book in a timely fashion.  Some of the other books are about eating in a healthy way or being financially responsible.  Others are books that are considered fun reads or weekly magazines.  I most want to read the fun, easy books nowadays when I’m stressed out, but I feel so guilty about not reading the other books that I end up not reading much at all.  There are too many choices!

We went out of town this weekend, and I brought along far too many things to read in case I wasn’t in the mood for reading.  I think I spent just as much time figuring out what to read for the 24 hour long trip than I did to pack my clothes for the trip.  Trust me, I take forever to pack for a trip, too.

When I got back home, I decided to do a complete reset of the tower of books on my bedside table.  I put a fun book, a work book, and a life book back on the table with a couple of comics.  My hope is that with fewer options, I will start reading more.

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