The nerdiest jewelry

I definitely have some pretty freaking awesome jewelry.  I have a lot of jewelry, but I tend to wear these pieces the most because they reflect my loves and match my clothing.  Win, win situation for me.


From top to bottom, left to right:

  1. 8-bit barrette (thus starting my obsession with Perler beads)
  2. Talent Pipe earrings (Kingskiller Chronicles)
  3. Gear earrings (they actually spin!)
  4. Circuit board earrings (I have the kit to make solar powered ones that blink, too)
  5. DNA earrings (science, yeah.)
  6. Book stack earrings (all the way from England)
  7. Tardis earrings
  8. D10 earrings (made by a friend for my birthday!!)
  9. USB earrings (made by another friend and they totally work)
  10. Another set of D10 earrings
  11. D20 earrings
  12. Magic the Gathering earrings (yep, my favorite land type, Mountains)


  1. Tardis necklace
  2. Lego heart choker
  3. Serenity necklace (I love this one to pieces.  It’s so perfect)
  4. Robot necklace
  5. Ms. Marvel necklace! (<3 Kamala Khan)
  6. Snitch necklace (Harry Potter, it opens up to show a clock)
  7. Talent Pipe necklace (the silver is all sorts of cool colors that make me not want to clean it)
  8. Leaf on the Wind necklace/keychain (I still need to put it on a proper chain)

If anyone happens to know of pieces of jewelry that I should add to my collection, I’d love to buy/make it!

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