Year Books

A friend of mine said that she was going to make yearly photo books for the past couple of years.  I thought it was a great idea!  I wanted to start with 2015, but the year isn’t over yet.

Shutterfly had a great deal on photo books, and they made it so easy to make photo books.  The hardest part for me to was to limit it to only 20 pages.  I’ve been trudging through depression and headaches for the past couple of weeks, so this exercise was really good for me to remember how good my life has been for the past couple of years.  I made yearbooks for 2013 and 2014 because those are the years where Mark and I were dating.

Each of the photo books had a summary page in the front.  This is the text in each year:

New Beginnings.  Sledding.  Moving.  Welcome to St. Louis Cocktail Party.  New Love.  Best friends.  Rainbow Cupcakes.  Ice Skating.  PyCon.  Asynchrony.  Hockey.  Chicago.  Mark’s Birthday.  Picnics.  Michigan.  Pool Parties.  Sibling Visits.  St. Louis Cardinals.  Kristina & James’ Wedding.  Surprise Birthday Party.  Bethany & AJ’s Wedding.  Halloween.  Food.  Google Glass.  Christmas in Chicago.

San Francisco.  1 Year Anniversary.  Dual Birthday Weekend in St. Louis.  Wizard of Oz.  Dane & Bonnie’s Wedding. New jobs.  New friends.  WWDC.  New York.  St. Louis Cardinals games.  Renaissance Festival.  GenCon. Amarie & Jessie.  Toronto.  Halloween.  Patrick Rothfuss.  Tim & Holly’s Wedding.  Thanksgiving in Michigan.  Elijah’s Defense.  Craig & Madeira.  Delicious Food.  Art.


I’m excited to make the one for 2015.

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