Ghostbusters Cosplay

This year for GenCon, I decided I was going to do a cosplay based on the new Ghostbusters movie.  I had seen the original Ghostbusters movie a couple years ago, and I thought it was only okay (I know, I know, controversial opinon).  I wasn’t really interested in watching the new movie because I had seen a ton of negative tweets about it, and my circle of influence had been complaining about how the movie was ruining their childhood favorite movie.  I saw the abuse that Leslie Jones had gotten on Twitter, and I wanted to support her somehow so Mark and I decided to see the movie.

I *loved* the movie.  I thought it was hilarious, smart, savvy, and just plain entertaining.  I loved that all of the women were intelligent and didn’t constantly talk about guys.  I loved that they were all conservatively dressed.  I hate how most superheroes/heroes that are women are scantily clad.  I was commenting that none of them were particularly dressed to look “sexy”, and someone said disagreed with me and then realized that they were attracted to the women’s intelligence more than their looks in this movie. I basically ignored Chris Hemsworth as an annoying, minor character.  It wasn’t until the end credits where Hemsworth was basically dancing with his shirt off for no reason that I realized it was a play on how many female characters are just eye candy.


Anyway!  I was pumped to make this costume.  My next post will be on the specifics of making it, but here are some photos of me wearing it at GenCon:

IMG_7055 copy



Not my hat, but totally went with the costume!

A dozen or so people asked for photos (my Ms. Marvel cosplay was way more popular!).  A ton of little kids recognized that I was a Ghostbuster.  They were super, super cute.  We sat at a table next to some kids who were asking their parents if ghosts were real or not.  I only had one mishap with this guy who was talking about how his Ghostbusters cosplay last year was better than mine, and how he had a “working proton pack” (uhh, pretty sure they don’t actually work in real life).  He ended it by saying that there was only one Ghostbusters movie, and he didn’t understand the appeal of a gender-bender cosplay.  He was dressed as a Klingon, and these other people who were nearby engaged him in conversation and said something along the lines of critiquing his cosplay as being in the style of the newer Klingons, and therefore, it wasn’t a real Klingon because there was only one original version of them.  I used that as a opportunity to get away from the dude, but I was pretty happy for some random strangers standing up for me.

There were a few other female Ghostbusters that I met along the way.  I was super geeked to run into a crowd of the older version Ghostbusters and get a photo with them!  They were super sweet and awesome.



Super pumped that I ended up making this cosplay.  Overall, it was awesome!

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