Things that I’m proud of today

  1. I’m 90% done with an application to give a 16-minute conference talk on unconscious bias.
  2. I wrote down the content of most of my slides for my 2-hour workshop on Swift for Strangeloop (but didn’t actually make them into real slides).  I also wrote down all the steps I have to write in code for the workshop, too, but I haven’t actually coded it yet.
  3. I helped a friend pack her apartment a little.
  4. I made dinner with Mark (shockingly, this doesn’t happen very often at all).
  5. I didn’t give into binge-watching all of Grey’s Anatomy despite being super, super tempted to.
  6. I also didn’t eat all of the ice cream.  I stopped myself at two mini Snickers bars but each one was a reward for me finishing some task.
  7. I sewed a button on some shorts, and I finished binding this book that I had 95% done at GenCon.
  8. I paid off a loan using just credit card reward points.  It seems silly that my consumerism paid off a student loan but it feels kinda awesome.
  9. And I read half of Bossypants!

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