Hello O’ Fallon!

What a whirlwind week.  I literally packed up my car and moved a little under 500 miles to O’ Fallon, Illinois.  It’s exhilarating.  It’s terrifying.  It’s a million different other emotions.  But overall, it’s wonderful.

I adore that I have to go out shopping for a jacket because my winter coat is just too warm for this weather.  I love the small town feel where the folks at the laundromat were excited to meet a new person and the people at Qdoba remembered that we were there three days in a row.  I also am ecstatic that O’ Fallon is a skip and a hop away from St. Louis where there are tons of fun stuff to do.

Between saying goodbye to my friends to packing up everything in my car in a short amount of time to driving 8 hours to unpacking my car to doing coding samples for interviews to preparing for a cocktail welcome party to trying to settle in, it’s been a crazy, crazy week. I literally have no idea what I’ll be doing six months from now.  It’s insane and unsettling, but it’s mostly lovely.  I’m happy that I had the courage to shake things up in my life and do something life-changing.

What an adventure.

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