Science outreach!

My favorite part about grad school is mentoring and outreach.  Today, I got to co-lead an outreach session with a group of third graders.  We talked about using computers to study evolution.  It was so much fun.  I basically asked the kids a lot of questions and let them come up with answers and conclusions themselves.  They were all super enthusiastic about answering every single one of my questions.  Some of them were really insightful.  One girl in particular astounded me when she answered my question about traits that cheetahs had that made them well suited for their environment.  She gave a long answer about how they have black around their eyes and that lets them see better in the sunlight.  Who knew!

I love outreach.  It’s nice to feel like you’re making a difference.  We evolved pictures using the software.  My group of girls came up with a sassy pitch for the picture competition complete with snaps, attitude, and the phrase, “You just got color splashed!”  They were hilarious.  I loved their enthusiasm and creativity.

Anyway, in other news, I’m throwing my hat over the fence.  Wish me luck!

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