Java Java Java

In my head, “Java Java Java” repeats to the tune of what YouTube calls the “Underground Pipe Theme” from Super Mario Bros.

I made my first program in Java!  I’m ridiculously excited about this.  Switching from C++ to Java wasn’t as hard as I expected it to be.  There are pretty awesome Java tutorials out there on the web, too.  It was getting hard to using a different development environment (in this case, Eclipse) though, probably because I just jumped into using it.  Most of the debugging I had to to at the end involved figuring out where to put data input files so that it was Eclipse-friendly.  In the end though, I actually really enjoyed using Eclipse, and it made learning Java much, much, much simpler because it kept telling me when I kept making small spelling or capitalization or whatever errors.

For wanting to write a program in Java in a week and having the flu for most of that week, I’m going to count this as a success.  Next up: I want to learn how to do unit tests in Java.


On an interesting, unrelated note, it’s very interesting for me to look around and see how much stuff I’ve accumulated over the past year.  If you disregard furniture, I’m not entirely sure I can shove everything into my car anymore.  I think I have more than a car’s worth of stuff.  It’s actually rather disconcerting because I like living with a minimalistic amount of things (to be honest, I don’t count half of my kitchen in this).  I didn’t think I would like it but it’s somewhat liberating only having the stuff that you actually use.  It feels like everything has a purpose.  It’s a good feeling not being tied down by the stuff that you have.  And on that note, does anyone want any cookbooks?


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  1. I’d take some cookbooks, I always feel like I lack cookbooks, even though I don’t really use the ones I have…. I can also “hold on” to anything you need me to 🙂

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